Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5992)

Two of my friends and I decided to climb this mountain as part of our 11 day trek through the Olympics and for me it was the pinnacle of the trip. We headed up from Glacier Meadows at 3:30 in the morning and hit the Blue Glacier around 4:30-5am. The alpen-glow in the morning is something no one should miss. We took the "late-summer" route across the Blue Glacier and up to the Snow Dome. Once on the Snow Dome we headed up towards the summit block where we veered left and around the block. This put us on the top part of the Blue Glacier. From there we approached the pyramid from the SE and climbed to the top of the false summit. The final snow chute and summit pyramid look perilous but they're really not that bad. We climbed to the top of West Peak along the East side of the pyramid and summited around 11:45am. The views from the top are ethereal! The final climb to the summit is extremely exposed but not that technically difficult. We used a rope for good form but any confident climber could do it without a rope. By 4pm we were back at Glacier Meadows toasting our success.

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