Rucu Pichincha

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Rucu Pichincha is one of the three major peaks comprising the Pichinchas (the others being Guagua Pichincha and Padre Encantado). The mountain is NOT safe to climb directly from Quito because the route passes close by a poor area where robberies (and rapes) - even of groups - are known. Probably it is safe to go along the ridge the other side from Guagua Pichincha and then descend away from Quito.

Elevation (feet): 15,413
Elevation (meters): 4,698
Continent: South America
Country: Ecuador
Range/Region: Ecuador Andes
Latitude: -0.171661
Longitude: -78.598981
Difficulty: Walk up
Nearest major airport: Quito
Convenient Center: Quito

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #22377 - by Shulse on Apr 08, 2013
    My son and I planned on climbing the 5.1 route, but backed off due to nearby thunder. Instead we hiked up the trail to the top. Only one other person was on the mountain- a climber from Holland.
  • Log #21911 - by Christian Rodriguez on Feb 18, 2010
    Really nice climb/hike. Partners: Edgar Rivera / Christian Rodriguez
  • Log #21596 - by Jack Nugent on Feb 16, 2009
    Dan, Pop, Steve and myself took the telefarique up to Ricu's base and had a nice climb to the peak. It was a weekday and we ran into only a handful of people. Nice switchbacks along gentle slopes...
  • Log #21204 - by Jack Plotkin on Mar 02, 2008
    To acclimatize for an upcoming ascent of Chimborazo, Randy and I headed for Quito's TeleferiQo ( just ten minutes from the new or old towns. We arrived on a Sunday at 9am when the...
  • Log #20462 - by enrique diaz on Oct 30, 2006
    basic it was a long walk from the cable car, about 2.5 hour, ending with a step up ramp of loose dirt and rocks, 500 metres before reaching the top. the day was clear, no rain not very windy, i am...
  • Log #19336 - by Luis Canizares on Sep 27, 2006
    It's a great experiencie in rock climbing if you're newbie because yo can learn a lot except in El Paso de La Muerte that's the difficult and risky lesson. By the way, you can take another route to...
  • Log #17715 - by karsten delap on Nov 11, 2004
    nice warm up for other ecuadorian volcanos
  • Log #17716 - by Ben Boykin on Jan 12, 2004
    K Siebke & I attempted to hike up Rucu from the PanAm Highway in Quito. We turned abck at about 13,500 ft, having broken out of the forest and finding ourselves on a plain with several higher...
  • Log #17717 - by Michael Reis on Aug 07, 2003
    A nice hike that represents my personal high in terms of altitude. This hike started from the the antenna station and lasted about 7 hours, with a total elevation gain of about 900 meters (3,000...