Nevado del Ruiz

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Nevado del Ruiz Trip Report (#6691)

  • Signed By: Yoshi Feldmeier
  • Date submitted: January 17, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 31.08.2000-01.09.2000
  • Number of People Encountered:

My voyage started in Rio de Janeiro and ended at... Nevado del Ruiz. But first I saw the dangerous face of Colombia. On the way from Bogota to Manizales, in the small town Aguadita the bus suddenly stopped, because there was something lying on the street. It was a burned, still smoking bus, beside there was a truck, destroyed, too. After arriving in Manizales I watched TV, and realized how lucky I was. Only 5 hours earlier this bus (taking the same route) was stopped by Guerillas and 15 people were kidnapped. I was lucky in this point, but not in the other: the weather was bad - there was no tourist in the whole city and no tourist guide (I visited the "eco-guide-tours" in Bogota , and the boss answered to my question: oh, no tourists in Colombia, I've heard that there are two tourists somewhere in the south). At last I found someone and he took me up to the snowlimit (4700m). The last 2 kilometers to the lonely hut I walked myself. After sleeping on the altitude of Montblanc (4845m) I got up at three, to reach the crater at 5:30h. There was a blizzard with about -20 degrees, and I decided to return because there were just 20m view and the rim was dangerous (the hot steam created ice-fields). 35min it took me back to my tent, back to the lodge (4100m) I walked two long hours more through the valley of silence. At the lodge I was collected by a big group of young pupils - they were still excited - for the first time they had seen SNOW! The whole way to Manizales they were very busy in vomiting out of the window and trying to get my equipment. For more information you can contact me.

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