Pioneer Peak

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Pioneer Peak Trip Report (#18272)

I just wanted to let you all know that this Mountain beat me back in the summer of 2002,... we started the hike at 10pm,.. and insanely sprinted as fast as we could. we came so close,.. but had to turn around at 2am because I had to be to work by 6am in anchorage,.. showered and in a suit. -- We never knew how close we came until we finally conquered that stinkin beast on the 18 of Sept 2004,... had we only known that we were 30 min from the top,.. i would have never gone down defeated. -- The first insane trip took 8hrs,.. began at 10pm-6am some friday night in july of 2002,.. Jake Jensen and I,.. we came so freekin' close -- The second trip took 13.5 hrs... started at 6:30am, and finshed at 8:00pm,.. there were four of us,... 3 guys and a girl,.. my friend Jake was way out of shape,.. he had been in equador for 2 years.. and had some messed up health problems from a stinkin' 3rd world country. -- Jake although out of shape accompanied me to the top,.. while the other two turned back only 20 mins from the peak. The satisfaction of conquering that Beast of a Mt. is our!

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