Mount Saint Helens

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Mount Saint Helens Trip Report (#6793)

An awesome experience. The hike/climb was unlike anything I had experienced in the Appalachians. We were a little nervous starting out (from all the warnings!) but the comraderie of all the other hikers was great and reassuring. The mixture of hiking and scrambling on the rocks was great fun - like being a kid out exploring. The day was beautiful and cool for July 30 (we had to wear long sleeves and a jacket towards the top). The summit was breathtaking. This was my first trip to the NW so all I knew about Mt St Helens was what I had seen on the news at the time of the eruption. It was incredible to be at the edge of the crater and thinking about what had occurred.

I highly recommend this hike if you are heading that way. We are in moderately good shape and had no problems. It is a tough climb but definitely doable if you are prepared and start early. We did luck out with the temperatures, however. Supposedly the week or two before, it had been in the 100s in the area.

I'm still surprised by the toilet 2 miles up. You don't see that in the east!

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