Mount Saint Helens

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Mount Saint Helens Trip Report (#6814)

Camped at the timberline both times to enjoy the clear starry nights and Portland lights. A spectacular sunrise greeted us in the morning to lift our spirits for the day trek. An arduous climb on the first assent in extreme heat and cloudless skies. Above 4000 ft the landscape became desolate and lifeless, yet inspiration was provided by Adams and Hood looming on the horizon. Joy and exhilaration was shared by all at the rim. Glissading added some fun and relief from the days climb.

I have found this kind of undertaking can become addicting. I don't think its so much the quest and victory of "conquering the mountain." For me it could be the achievement of seeking out ones limitations or sharing a unique experience with friends. But this I know for certain, the view from afar is all the sweeter and beautiful having been to the top. Now onto Mount Adams.

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