Mount Saint Helens

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Mount Saint Helens Trip Report (#6774)

A thunderstorm, complete with hail, prevented me and a bunch of others from beginning any earlier than 9:30am, when it finally cleared. The rest of the day was perfect. I started off from climber's bivouac and made it to the summit in about 3 hours and 40 minutes. Hike up from the bivouac is basically in three stages. First you have a nice hike to the timberline. Second, there is a lot of boulders to scramble around and over. Third, the dreadful ash - you'll regret it if you don't bring gaitors! Be prepared for the last section of ash - you'll take one step up and slide back half a step. The view from the top is amazing, pearing into the crater. Great views of Adams and Rainier on a clear day. Lots of fun. Take it from somebody who learned it the hard way - it may be tempting to move fast and plunge step your way down the ash and scree, but don't do it! It's easy to fall in all that ash and scree, and boy, does it hurt when you do! Overall a great hike. Fantastic day!

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