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Featured photo of Teewinot

Teewinot, whose name is a Shoshone word meaning pinnacles, is a massive collection of rugged peaks in the Teton range. The summit of Teewinot is a sharp pinnacle with space enough to support only one person. The ascent by the normal route, however, is not especially difficult, and is the most accessible of all the Teton peaks. The mountain is entirely visible from the main visitor area at Jenny Lake, and is situated immediately above the Lupine Meadows parking area. Its summit provides superb views of Mount Owen and the Grand Teton.

Elevation (feet): 12,325
Elevation (meters): 3,757
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Teton Range - Yellowstone Area
State: Wyoming
Latitude: 43.747169
Longitude: -110.779987
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1929
First successful climber(s): F. Fryxell, P. Smith
Nearest major airport: Jackson, Wyoming
Convenient Center: Jackson, Wyoming

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Trip Reports

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There are 29 trip reports for Teewinot.

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  • Log #20894 - by James Hand on July 22, 2007
    We started super late start at 10:30. We reached the summit at 2:30. Thunderstorms were incoming so we had little time to chill on top. Great climb, I brought my sister along.
  • Log #7305 - by an anonymous user on Aug 22, 2004
    My first summit. I realized what Kant meant when he described
  • Log #7304 - by an anonymous user on Aug 21, 2004
    With friends Matty B., his brother Tommy B., and all of our friends, Jack Daniel's
  • Log #7277 - by Miles McCart on June 25, 2004
    Started very early (4:30am) Above the treeline before sunrise.. to the top early am. Not a technically hard climb but does require fitness. Trip down is very tough on the knees.
  • Log #7278 - by christopher robertson on June 24, 2004
    An interesting outing. A lot of steep postholing on the way up. A few actual ice moves where the gully narrowed- I was able to bypass these on the way down via rock. The view of the North face of the...
  • Log #7279 - by Deanna (Lewis) Smith on May 06, 2004
    45 years ago, when I was a little girl of 8, I summited Teewinot with my family, my father and mother, Howard & Pat Lewis,accomplished mountineers, and my older brother, Greg. As was my habit...
  • Log #7280 - by Logan Pierson on Sep 18, 2003
    Great one day summit if you are in shape, strong, and have good stamina. Summit is spectacular!
  • Log #7281 - by Lynn Marple and Kate Marple-Cantrell on Aug 24, 2003
    The summit is really, REALLY small, but we sat on it together.
  • Log #7282 - by Annie Lambert on July 28, 2003
    One foot in front of the other, you'll make it. Push your fear down and cowboy up!
  • Log #7283 - by Margo Lasky on July 27, 2003
    Awesome. Still snow to deal with...soloed up but roped up across the lower snowfield on the way down...not worth the chance of a screamer. Hot day..
  • Log #7284 - by Roger Haaheim on July 27, 2003
    Party led by Bob Krear with Jack Hudson
  • Log #7285 - by Nick Parker on May 30, 2002
    There seemed to be just the right balace of rock, snow, and mountain views to make this climb very memorable -- it still sticks out in my mind. I did the East face, solo, and can't say enough good...
  • Log #7286 - by Chris Kennedy on May 17, 2002
    With Margaret Pratt, up and down the southwest snow gully. Took a potentially fatal fall on the late evening descent in the snow gully, which had turned icy. Fortunately I was roped (supposedly for...
  • Log #7287 - by Ken Golden on Mar 04, 2002
    As a boy,this is what I imagined the summit of a mountain to be like--sharp-pointed and lofty.
  • Log #7288 - by Matt loscalzo on Sep 26, 2001
    Next to Pyramid Peak outside of Aspen, this is one of the more challenging mountains I have had the pleasure of summiting. An excellent work-out the entire way, never let up even for a minute. One of...
  • Log #7289 - by Ben Folsom on Sep 19, 2001
    Climbed this peak on an attempt of the Teton Traverse. My friend Robert Henderson and I were stormed off the traverse in between Teewinot and Mount Owen after summitting.
  • Log #7290 - by Gair Brisbane on Aug 03, 2001
    Not a great idea to climb this one alone in bad weather! Had a bit of an epic but certainly a memorable peak.
  • Log #7291 - by Patrick Juhlin on Dec 26, 2000
    It was an amazing hike that I will value for the rest of my life.
  • Log #7292 - by Ben Dyer on Oct 18, 2000
    We ascended the East face in early August... It was a great climb...although a long bike ride from the Climber's Ranch. The one part that got a little tricky was trying to stay in the couloir,...
  • Log #7293 - by Hal Monson on Aug 17, 2000
    What a fantastic rock! Thanks Chris, Ken, Kenny, Steve, and Morgan. Beware, route finding is difficult! Several parties we saw climbing failed to summit due to bad routes.
  • Log #7294 - by Bill Lewis on July 10, 2000
    East side approach with a couple of steep snow fields, Ice axe recommended. Start at Lupin Meadow Parking lot ( north end ) Head for the V notch and follow the crack up to almost the top then work to...
  • Log #7295 - by Jim Clash on Jan 08, 2000
    A great day climb with a tremendously exposed summit.
  • Log #7296 - by Roger Haaheim on Jan 07, 2000
    Hauled up there by Bob Krear and Jack Hudson, GTNP Ranger Naturalists. The best 22nd birthday I ever had ...
  • Log #7297 - by mickey dye on Sep 07, 1999
    An excellent mountain! Camped by Teton Glacier and ascended the Southwest side of the peak. With nothing but a ranger's description to go on, we executed some serios route-finding with the aid of...
  • Log #7298 - by Steve Carow on Aug 23, 1999
    I climbed with my regular climbing partner Joe Temple. Our day was bright and clear, if not a little too warm. We met several good folks along the climb. Very tiring verticle but worth the effort.
  • Log #7299 - by Chris Galbraith on July 26, 1999
    Wonderful climb, beautiful view of Owen and the Grand. Mt. Owen here I come, then on to the Grand!
  • Log #7300 - by Victor Jensen on July 26, 1999
    Very enjoyable climb. Climbed the east face. The view of the north face of the Grand Teton is spectacular.
  • Log #7302 - by Bill O'Hair on June 17, 1999
    Fantastic climb; especially glissading on the way down!!!!!
  • Log #7303 - by Fred Spicker on Jan 18, 1999
    Ascent via East Ridge with and unknown partner from the bulletin board at the climber's ranch. Lesson learned: Better to climb with people you know.