Thunderbolt Peak

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Thunderbolt Peak is a steep rock peak, rising from the Palisade Crest, immediately northwest of North Palisade (14,242 ft.). The steep monolithic summit is a difficult climb on all sides, and was the second last of California's fourteeners to be climbed. The name Thunderbolt Peak comes from a severe thunderstorm that surprised the party of the first ascent, during which Jules Eichorn was stunned by a bolt of lightening.

Elevation (feet): 14,000
Elevation (meters): 4,267
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Sierra Nevada
State: California
Latitude: 37.0981
Longitude: -118.517
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1931
First successful climber(s): Robert L.M. Underhill, Jules Eichorn, Lewis Clark, Norman Clyde, Glen Dawson, Francis Farquhar, Bestor Robinson
Nearest major airport: Oakland, California, Reno, Nevada
Convenient Center: Bishop, California

Trip Reports

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There are 8 trip reports for Thunderbolt Peak.

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  • Log #7400 - by Sebastian on Oct 10, 2003
    Started from Bishop Lakes. Very rocky chute. Saw a bear later that night at the lakes. Good climb.
  • Log #7401 - by marius on July 29, 2002
    Camped at Dusy basin. Up the west chute right after ( south of ) Thunderbolt pass. Pretty steep and loose. Roped up to climb the summit part.
  • Log #7402 - by Romain Wacziarg on Sep 06, 2001
    With Lanier Benkard, via Southwest Chute # 1. A short and easy ascent of the talus and scree leading to the notch separating the North and South summit, and an interesting time free climbing the...
  • Log #7403 - by Myles on Mar 30, 2001
    Via Southwest Chute No. 1, Class 4-5 Took a more direct route off the third-class ledge at the alcove for an extra roped pitch. Took the 5-easy pitch from the notch between the summit towers. ...
  • Log #7404 - by Craig Peer on June 15, 2000
    Climbed Thunderbolt both times via the West Chute with beginners - class 4 - 5 and lots of fun!
  • Log #7405 - by Brent Harder on Dec 08, 1999
    Underhill couliour route from the Plaisade Glacier both times. Very fun climb. In july the couliour was just 3rd or 4th class climbing we did unroped. The Cinco De Mayo climb was in snow with...
  • Log #7406 - by David L. Underwood on May 04, 1999
    Climbed by the Underhill Couloir from the Palisade Glacir.
  • Log #7407 - by CHARLES LANDON THOMPSON on Nov 05, 1998
    Pretty tough climb. I was surprised at the amount of loose rock, especially on the second chute after the class3 'go-around'. I nearly started a small avalanche and scared my partners to death! on...