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Wildspitze Trip Report (#8075)

  • Signed By: Bart Baert
  • Date submitted: October 04, 2001

We did the climb starting from Tasachhaus. we left there at 6 am and we summitted at 2 pm. The climb is quite long, techical not really difficult. You start with walking beneath the glacier until you reach a height of 3000m, then it's snow and ice until the summit. We did first the nortern summit via the NW-ridge. It's rather a short ridge, but not really an undangerous one. After the northern summit we continued of course for the real summit, just 5 minutes walking further on, via the summit ridge, which has some beautiful corniches. We did the descent along Mittarkarjoch. It was very slippery there, so make sure you're on time down or hire a mountain guide. We reached the Breslauer at 5 pm. It's a fantastic climb, and it gives you a magnificent feeling when you're looking down at the whole area.

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