Pico Duarte

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Pico Duarte is the highest mountain in the Caribbean. It is a pine forested mountain with twin summits, rising in the the Cordillera Central, the dominant mountain range on the island of Hispaniola. Pico Duarte lies within the Parque Nacional J. Armanda Bermundez.

Elevation (feet): 10,416
Elevation (meters): 3,175
Continent: North America
Country: Dominican Republic
Range/Region: Hispaniola
Latitude: 19.0333
Longitude: -70.9833
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Dec
Nearest major airport: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Convenient Center: Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Trip Reports

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  • Log #20674 - by doug on Feb 22, 2007
    lots of fun.....you need not be a professional climber....just average.
  • Log #19311 - by Tom Talpey on Sep 27, 2006
    Led by Dr. Henri Liogier, director of the Botanic Garden in Santon Domingo, a group of seven of us, plus mules and handlers, climbed Pico Duarte during Easter Week in 1976. Dr. Liogier was 60 years...
  • Log #8280 - by Miguel "MR_CuYaYa" Rodriguez on Nov 01, 2004
    Beautiful pilgrimage and a must for those who have never communed with nature and for those who love it. Visit my website so you can see lots of pictures of this.
  • Log #8244 - by Abel Robineau on Aug 21, 2004
    Virginia Lamarche and I got married at the very top of the mountain on May 9th, 2003. It was a great experience of course, we were quite lucky to have a dry/clement weather in the middle of the most...
  • Log #8245 - by Janella Taylor on July 18, 2004
    Go to the valley and spend as much time there as you can. It is serene, beautiful and just all out a place to commune with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Log #8247 - by Javier Baztan Jiménez on Aug 04, 2003
    Im 25 years old and i live here in Dominican Republic. Im glad to hear other people enjoy something i really love... i've been several times to the top of the Pico Duarte, but never get tired of...
  • Log #8248 - by Victor Velez Rizzo on May 18, 2003
    Nice hike, beautiful experience like any mountain trek. Although I'm used to high altitude climbing in South America, this hike was more demanding than anticipated, due to the total distance covered...
  • Log #8249 - by jose filipe on May 09, 2003
    the first man to climb pico duate has a mentally challenged graddaughter who just reached the summit it is a great thin. she will be on the news check it out!!!!
  • Log #8250 - by Rafael on Mar 05, 2003
    Im planing a trip to Pico Duarte looking if someone have waypoints or tracks on their GPS from that trip that want it to share with me. Cant wait to give my self a try to climb this one. Hasta La...
  • Log #8251 - by Don Thomas on Feb 15, 2003
    If this old fart (61) can do it, anyone can. It's a long, long, long, rough MUDDY slog all the way from the park entrance at La Cienaga to the shelter at La Comparticion and another long slog up on a...
  • Log #8252 - by Haidemarie Geo on Jan 05, 2003
    Hi! I really enjoyed reading all your stories (hi Humberto). I'm dominican, and for me, visit at least once in a lifetime Pico Duarte is an important thing to do. I'ts awsome to know how many...
  • Log #8253 - by Joachim Hanhart on Dec 30, 2002
    Hi all, i'm right back from the first Trip to the Dominican Republic and it wouldn't be the last one! Together with Guide Dario Serrata Ionela and his mule, we started Thursday the 19th in...
  • Log #8254 - by Dave Wilhelm on Aug 26, 2002
    We spent a number of years cruising the Caribbean on our 45' ketch. Since we enjoy hiking and have bagged a number of high points throughout the world, we of course had to climb Pico Duarte, the...
  • Log #8255 - by Luis David Matias on Aug 04, 2002
    One fine experience! You can reach to the peak in the second day, in the morning, after setting camp on "la comparticion" the day before. then I suggested a visit to "el valle del...
  • Log #8256 - by Brian Thomson on Mar 29, 2002
    Our group hiked starting at Mata Grande. We did the 45km hike there and 45km back in five days. I was difficult to do in four days, five would have been much more enjoyable. My suggestion would be to...
  • Log #8257 - by Danielle Robertson on Jan 18, 2002
    I went to Pico Duarte after only being in DR for 4 DAYS!! It was my first time ever climbing mountains and it was a great experience! I was part of a great TEAM!! In the five days that you go you...
  • Log #8258 - by Jim DeAngelis on Sep 06, 2001
    We started from La Cienaga, stopped at Los Tablones and La Comparticion. We hit the summit at day break then down and all the way back to a village just outside of La Cienaga. The people in the...
  • Log #8259 - by Katarzyna Kowalczyk on Aug 28, 2001
    I did it with my friend - Robert in two days form La Cienaga. We experienced strong tropical rain and tunderstorm when we were going down, but with ore guide Julio and mulo Jose we had a great time!
  • Log #8260 - by Miguel "MR_CuYaYa" Rodriguez on Aug 27, 2001
  • Log #8261 - by Mike Moloney on Jan 26, 2001
    Dear Back-packers, I am hoping to back-pack Pico Duarte soon. Could anybody tell me how to get a hold of some maps and trail guides. Tips would also be appreciated. Many Thanks MM
  • Log #8262 - by marvin polanco leon on Nov 24, 2000
    hasta ahora solo he subido por la cienaga. quiero hacerlo por los 4 lados. quien no ha ido debe hacerlo aunque sea una vez en mulo, ya que la vista y lo que se siente en el pico no se puede expresar,...
  • Log #8263 - by Irving Jorge Santelises on Nov 13, 2000
    Hi, I am an associate of a small outdoor center in the DR. We are right know the leading group, with the most experience doing rock climbing and backpacking among other adventure sports in our...
  • Log #8264 - by serge gauvin on Nov 05, 2000
    about pico duarte...........where i can find a guide for hicking this peak and how long time that s take merci.
  • Log #8265 - by Jon Horvath on Sep 21, 2000
    Clear skies, reached summit at sunrise, beautiful view.
  • Log #8266 - by pierre matthews on July 21, 2000
    I'm interested in climbing pico duarte. I'm tired of climbing blue mountain peak here in jamaica which is 7402ft. I would like to know which town to start from, the best months for climbing, and the...
  • Log #8268 - by Ron Parrott on June 19, 2000
    Quite an adventure just reaching the trail head from my holiday resort, amazing roads and equally amazing driving!! Two-day ascent and descent, trekking with back-pack. Solo, but teamed up with a...
  • Log #8269 - by Manolo Mateo on Mar 02, 2000
    Its true that our Pico Duarte have the most expectacular views and landscapes. The most memorable part of the trip for me, was the opportunity to meet the most dedicated and humble people I have ever...
  • Log #8270 - by Wayne Daughtry on Feb 21, 2000
    A litle more strenuous than anticipated, though weather was good. Hiked 19km first day up to the Comparticion and stayed in the hut. Second day to summit and back to Comparticion. Third day another...
  • Log #8271 - by Carlos A. Fernandez on Jan 25, 2000
    I've been to "El Pico" twice already and I find it a very spiritual journey, not only because of the effort the non experienced climber (like myself) has to do in order to summit it, or...
  • Log #8272 - by Alex Rojas on Jan 17, 2000
    El atajo nuevo del valle de Lilis al valle de Tetero es una de las rutas m…s impresionantes que tiene el Pico. Todo el camino es bosque abierto y la vista es hermosa, les recomiendo que la intenten...
  • Log #8273 - by Miguel "MR_CuYaYa" Rodriguez on Jan 16, 2000
    It's me again. Just wanted to warn future climbers to not take the new Lilis-Tetero shortcut just yet; the trail is new and it is not even worn down. One is practically trail-blazing 3/4 of the way....
  • Log #8274 - by Humberto Ruiz Flaquer on Jan 16, 2000
    Mi primer Pico Duarte fu' del 1ro. al 6 de enero del 1984, desde ese momento subir el Pico Duarte por lo menos una vez al a³o fue una adicci¤n y lo digo asà porque todo el que ha subido...
  • Log #8275 - by Jessica Willis on Dec 07, 1999
    Pico's great- you get to see all types of climate on your way up- and its a challenge but not too tough for beginners. (this was my first mountain over 5000 ft) "Vidal" as a guide is...
  • Log #8276 - by Matthew Shinichiro Komatsu on Aug 05, 1999
    48 hours. 30 Miles. Thousands of feet of vertical change. 65 pound pack. Now that's tough.
  • Log #8277 - by Kevin on July 15, 1999
    I was with the same group as Tim. It was a great time, although it would have been a little easier to make it a three night trip instead of two when you are packing up with all your gear. The view...
  • Log #8278 - by Timothy S. Baumgartner on July 15, 1999
    Where are the animals? I was expecting to see more than a tarantula and a dead mulo on the 30 mile trek. It was fun, it was real, but it wasnt real fun. Packing all of your stuff in the month of July...
  • Log #8279 - by Jim Chase on July 05, 1999
    I traveled to Pico Duarte with a group of teachers from Carol Morgan. We camped at the top in tents. It was cool at night and early in the morning. The sunrise and the view from the top was...
  • Log #8281 - by J. Nadal on Jan 17, 1999
    I was part of a Boys Scouts of America (Troop 760) that climbed the peak in the summer of 75. We were on of the youngest expeditions to go there, average age 15. Being scouts we carried most of our...
  • Log #8282 - by Brian Johnson on Dec 30, 1998
    I just discovered this page - I went up Pico Duarte quite a while ago, but have vivid memories of it's beauty. I went up during a local hurricane, so it was a wet trip, but clear at the summit, great...
  • Log #8283 - by Omar Ramirez on Dec 29, 1998
    I have plenty of stories that I would like to share with all of you. I was born in Jarabacoa, the best place from which to reach the peak. I also have a lot of pictures from the peak and its...
  • Log #8284 - by Jose Radhames Veras on Dec 13, 1998
    As a dominican a very emotional experience shared with my friends Julio vazquez, Bob and Keith Pedzich
  • Log #8285 - by Erika Rodriguez de Fiallo on Nov 25, 1998
    It was cold, and foggy, so i could not enjoy the view. But it was worthy. Mostly Hiking with some scrambling over rocks. Nothing radical, but some pretty steep slopes, enough to get your heart...