Pico Duarte

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Pico Duarte Trip Report (#8247)

Im 25 years old and i live here in Dominican Republic. Im glad to hear other people enjoy something i really love... i've been several times to the top of the Pico Duarte, but never get tired of doing it (i know people who have reached the top many more times.I would like to welcome everyone to visit my country and Pico Duarte, I think its a really nice experience. Anyone who has any questions just have to write me an e-mail and as soon as i can i'll answer back.If you need anything, including maybe a hiking partner there is no problem. I've had many experiences most of them good. i just want to encourage never to underestimate any hike like this. It can be a pleasant one but be careful. Even its only 10,125 feet and its tropical weather you will not get sickfrom altitude but any disease complicates very easy. Because its a long and strenous hike, you need to eat well( especially if you're have heavy loads on your back) I recomend good quality hiking/backpacking footwear. Even in the middle of the Caribbean, its usual to experience below freezin point temperatures at night. And beware of the rain...it really complicates things. if you like the outdoors or this kind of sports, you shouldn't miss Pico Duarte. Hope to here from anyone soon...WHAT ARE YOU WATING FOR!!!!!

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