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Aneto Trip Report (#8367)

It was a hot week in Spain caught the bus from Barcelona to benasque and walked in to the south hut. The day we climbed was overcast a god send as it was stil very warm. We started off early about 6am it was still dark so headtorches weree used forthe early part of the trail through the wood and up the patch leading to the first small (LOCH as we call it in scotland) about 2000ft above the valley the sun started to rise and it got warm very quickly. We moved on as fast as we could towards the colonas as we did not want to get caught in any mid afternoon thunderstorms. Apon reaching the col and looking over the north side there was still a fair bit of snow and ice left leading to the summit. We put on our crampons and made for the summit. we were there by 2pm. It was ace a trip we had planned for a year had come to reality. We decended to the col and had lunch while watching thunderstorms clatter away in the distance towards possets. Our decent was slow as one member of the team had twisted his knee in the boulder field. we reached the south hut again about 7ish and set about dinner and got ready for one more night in the valley. The next day was clear blue skies and hot and it was a great walk down the valley back to benasque where we had a good few grande beers to celebrate.

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