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    Antisana, Ecuador

    Scenes from an ascent of the 5753m volcano on the edge of the Amazon rain forest: trekking across, paramo grasslands, wild llamas, camping on its flanks, ...

    • By: Mark Horrell
    • Published: Jan 15, 2010
    • Duration: 8:44
    • Views: 14,054
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    Ecuador - Cayambe, Antisana, Chimborazo Climbs - Jan 6-16, 2016

    Music: Forbidden Love: Ivan Torrent, In Aeternum: Ivan Torrent, See What I've Become: Zack Hemsey, Love & Loss: Two Steps From Hell, Ride To Glory: Epic ...

    • By: Shawn Jones
    • Published: Jan 20, 2016
    • Duration: 32:14
    • Views: 11,886
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    ANTISANA 5.757 msnm. Es el cuarto volcán más alto de Ecuador. Se sitúa en Ecuador, entre las provincias de Napo y Pichincha. Alcanzar la cumbre nos ...

    • By: Ethan Lenn Sigla
    • Published: Jan 04, 2017
    • Duration: 8:01
    • Views: 2,455
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    Popular Videos - Volcano Antisana & Climbing

    • Published: May 06, 2019
    • Duration:
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