Torreys Peak

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Torreys Peak Trip Report (#8910)

  • Signed By: Scott Stillman
  • Date submitted: July 26, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 6/11/2001

The Dead Dog Couloir route on Torreys Peak was my first experience on a 14er, and 2nd snow climb. It took me six hours from the Stevens Gulch trail head to the summit, and two hours down. I was going slowly for two reasons, I had just climbed the entire day before, and I was climbing solo and didn't want to make any mistakes. As a previous climber said, "falling would be bad". The climb itself was 4 hours, 3 of which were on steep melting snow. The first part of the climb went well but progress was soon very slow due to the changing conditions. Full sun and a warm day made the upper part of the route like climbing a giant melting snowcone. In June, start this climb no later than sunrise. There was a lot of evidence of rockfall. Bring a helmet and an ice axe.

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