Torreys Peak

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Torreys Peak Trip Report (#8912)

Scott Williams and I climbed Torrey's Peak via the Kelso Ridge during a full moon. We started out around 5pm and hardly anyone was on the trail. The turnoff to the ridge is easy to see. There is an old cabin that marks the spot of the ridge. Our goal was to summit Torrey's just before nightfall and watch the full moon from the summit. Scott could have made it before nightfall if he was by himself but I slowed him up a bit so we were both stuck on the ridge after sunset. The moon provided plenty of light and a headlamp was not needed. It was difficult and a little exposed in some spots but it was dark enough that you could not really tell how big some of the drop offs were. If your afraid of bats dont do this climb at night. The bats were everywhere and they buzz by your head and make a high pitched sound as they go by. Not one bat ever touched Scott or myself. Overall the ridge is fun and 10x more exciting then the normal route up Torreys. I would recommend going with someone that is experienced since there are some dificult sections and areas not well marked. I would also not recommend doing the ridge at night.


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