Mount Ngauruhoe

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Trip Reports

NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

There are 22 trip reports for Mount Ngauruhoe.

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  • Log #18780 - by Mike Withers on Feb 14, 2006
    my climb was exilarating and my expectations were very much fulfilled
  • Log #19139 - by Louis-Philippe Loncke on Feb 14, 2006
    Very easy climb in the summer. Walk up faster on rocks on the left of the start of the climb (start north of volcano looking towards the south). Ashes are slow going, but fun when running down in 35...
  • Log #9026 - by GUIDO IAN McALPINE on Aug 07, 2004
  • Log #9027 - by Jack Boyce on May 03, 2004
    Climbed it as a side-trip on the Tongariro Crossing hike. The view from the top was incredible, with clear views of the Tongariro mountains/lakes, Taupo, and Taranaki in the distance. It is a...
  • Log #9029 - by Max Kroon on Apr 01, 2004
    Wanted to climb Mt Ngauruhoe for years, did it at last. I found it a pretty tough climb but definitely worth it! The view in- and from the crater is awesome. I had a great day facing this natural...
  • Log #9030 - by Kent Heinrichs on Mar 27, 2004
    This is the most amazing volcanoe, if you have the opportunity do it.
  • Log #9031 - by Thomas Permanseder on July 31, 2003
    If you do the whole climb in one day it will be a fairly long one. The landscape is phantastic and you will have a wonderfull view from the summit. Be prepared to meet hundreds of hikers doing one of...
  • Log #9032 - by Lewis Bazley on July 29, 2003
    My best day in New Zealand..good craic with my buddies Ash & Emmet going up, and amazing views at the's Mount Doom, baby!
  • Log #9033 - by Samuel on June 30, 2003
    Scrambled up the south eastern side (not the normal route). Extremely hot and perfect weather. Still some snow in the crater..
  • Log #9034 - by Andrew McCrorie on June 02, 2003
    Ascended in poor visibility and built snowcave for the night. Woke up to a beautiful day and strolled around the crater before breakfast. Fantastic weekend spoiled only by all 30 or so cars at...
  • Log #9035 - by Les Charters on May 07, 2003
    Just after Christmas of 1999. Climbed to the top of Ngaururhoe. Misty day. Many people climb to the crater thinking this is the summit, but the summit is too the East.
  • Log #9036 - by Daniel Stone on Mar 10, 2003
    What a great climb, although going up the scoria was a bit of a mission, the rewards at the top were great, until the cloud came over, the temperature suddenly drops when this happens. The best bit...
  • Log #9037 - by Joe Green on Jan 20, 2003
    Made the ascent on a blistering sunny day, and the scoria nearly killed me, both with the effort of getting to the top, and the bombs falling around me! However, once at the top the views were...
  • Log #9038 - by Bob Radicevich on Dec 01, 2002
    Awesome climb! I have climbed many peaks, but never one that was a natural bomb! The weather was great in the morning, but turned wet and cloudy by the time we summited. It was an appropriate...
  • Log #9039 - by Joseph Cech on Nov 29, 2001
    Tough scree section makes upward ascent exhausting and frustrating at times. So it's best to stick to the rock section as much as possible. But the view over the inversion was completely worth it.
  • Log #9040 - by Gerhana Waty on Nov 28, 2001
    Mt Ngaruhuoe was the first mountain I climbed and since then, I love mountain climbing more than soccer and Formula one. It was a great experience, which unfortunately I can't describe using words.
  • Log #9041 - by Capt Al on Feb 21, 2001
    low visibility with grepefruit sized missiles of rock comming off the top
  • Log #9042 - by dror fidler on Feb 09, 2001
    snow around the crater. very easy to get down on the volcanic ash, but take gaiters. some rockfall sometimes. about 600 m climb from the saddle.
  • Log #9043 - by Group 2 outdoor pursuit center on Feb 04, 2001
    It was a real mission to get up there but once youre there the wiew is awsome. We camped out and the wind was VERY stong @ night. Out tents blew over. Jeremy and 10 others from westlake Boys High...
  • Log #9044 - by Kristina on Jan 26, 2001
    We did the Tongariro Crossing and climbed up the Ngauruhoe. It was an amazing track!
  • Log #9045 - by Malcolm Hutchinson on Oct 11, 2000
    With Andrew Squires and Adam Pope and about 200 other climbers. Ascended the lava flow on the northern slope to an excellent eastern view. Western side obscured by cloud. From the Mangatepopo saddle...
  • Log #9046 - by Derek Gadd on July 30, 2000
    Not enough snow!