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Musala Trip Report (#21271)

  • Signed By: Miroslav Dokman of Nish
  • Date submitted: May 07, 2008
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

There are two different ways to reach Musala from Borovets as starting point: use gondola lift or walk about five hours in the summer conditions (but in the winter conditions, hikers must spend the night in Musala chalet or in the Everest shelter).

If you choose walk, the path goes first throw the wood and follows the Musalatska bistritsa river, to Veltchev's bridge. At this point, the weather becames colder, and altitude passes 2000 m. It's neeed about one two hours to reach the Musala chalet. From chalet, the path goes up to the Paletsa peak (2603 m). The Everest shelter is not to long from Paletsa and it is well suplied with food and drinks, and there is electryciti, too.

From Everest, finally climb starts, and it could be very difficult part of climb, expecially in the winter conditions. Climbers must go overtake Musala rock on the very narrow path, surrounded by deep abysses on both sides. A metal enclosure is a little help. After 40 minutes from Everest, you finally end you hiking, and reach the Musala summit- 2925 m the highest point of the Balkan peninsula. There is a meterological station on the summit.

The path from Borovets to the Musala summit is well marked. There are also winter markings -post markings with the numbered posts.

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