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Weissmies Trip Report (#9331)

  • Signed By: Rishi
  • Date submitted: March 09, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 4 September 2003 with guide.

A lovely and perfect first four thousand peak with snow, rock and ice climbing. The best climb is from the Almagell hutte up the rocky south west (or was it SE?) ridge to the summit. This is the orignal normal route before the cable car to Hohsaas was built. The rock climbing is easy - level 2 but you need to be in good physical condition as the climb takes around 3 hours of which there is about 90 minutes of continous rock climbing. Then decend the glacier to Hohsaas or Weismiess hutte. Really beautiful view from the summit. In summer 2003 the glacier was heavily crevassed which made the decent good fun.

Really recommend NOT to do the normal summit route which is simply up and down the glacier fom the Weismies or Hohsaas hutte. you will have missed out on a much more varied (scenically and technically) and rewarding climb from Almagell hutte.

Almagell hutte is clean and modern (esp the toilets!) and facing the sun. It is a lovely 4 hour walk from Saas almagell on a well marked path.

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