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Featured photo of Granaty

Several climbing routes onEastern and western walls. Footpath from North-Western side. Medium difficulty. Might be dangerous in winter. Granaty is name for group of three peaks (2225, 2234, 2240). They can be reache by one footpath.

Elevation (feet): 7,287
Elevation (meters): 2,221
Continent: Europe
Country: Poland
Range/Region: Carpathian Mountains
Latitude: 49.231944
Longitude: 20.033333
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Year first climbed: 1867
First successful climber(s): Bronislaw Gustakiewicz, Eugeniusz Janota
Nearest major airport: Krakow
Convenient Center: Zakopane

Thanks to Czeslaw Szymanski for adding this peak.

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