Mount Unwin

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Mount Unwin
Photo by theyogiclimber, all rights reserved.

Mount Unwin is located in Jasper National Park and is part of the Queen Elizabeth Range. It is situated high above the southwestern shore of beautiful Maligne Lake and this position makes it visible to the thousands of tourists that come to the lake and take the commercial boat tour to Spirit Island. The mountain was named in honor of outfitter Sid Unwin who provided adventurous explorer Mary Schaffer with assistance finding Maligne Lake. During that expedition in 1908, Sid Unwin climbed a mountain to in an effort to get a vantage point from which to locate the elusive lake. That mountain he climbed and made the first ascent was then named Unwin.

Mount Unwin is usually climbed in tandem with Mount Charlton which is one kilometer to the east of Unwin. These two peaks share a high connecting ridge between them which serves as the easiest summit route. Both peaks also have an impressive glacier on their shared north aspect. Mount Unwin but can be seen from the resort at the north end of Maligne Lake. However, Unwin is best viewed from the lake near Samson Narrows where the steep cliffs and tumbling glacier abruptly rise over 1500 meters in great local relief from lake shore to the summit.

Refer to Selected Alpine Climbs in the Canadian Rockies by Sean Dougherty for information on the climbing routes on Mount Unwin.

Elevation (feet): 10,722
Elevation (meters): 3,268
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Range/Region: Canadian Rockies
Province: Alberta
Latitude: 52.6097
Longitude: -117.5278
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: 1908
First successful climber(s): Sidney Unwin
Nearest major airport: Calgary or Edmonton
Convenient Center: Jasper

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