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Trip Reports

NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

There are 8 trip reports for Hochfeiler.

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  • Log #22550 - by J. Vranjes on Aug 29, 2016
    Climbed directly from the road and descended back to the same place, 10 hours for both directions. No other people on the mountain due to bad weather conditions. More details here:...
  • Log #21495 - by Alexander Haupt on Oct 29, 2008
    Solo ascent via normal route (S ridge, scramble) from Hochfeiler hut. Cold and windy. Good visibility ensured nice panorama.
  • Log #20905 - by Sven Bugarski on July 30, 2007
    We were 3 people, started the climb from a parking place next to the road to Pfitsch-Joch (1710m) at 11:30pm. The path to the Hochfeiler hut was easy to follow and took us from a forest via mountain...
  • Log #9613 - by Ryszard and Tomasz Wichary on Oct 31, 2003
    Very impressive panorama from the summit and very easy way from the Hochfeiler Hutte.
  • Log #9614 - by Morgan Cignini on Sep 28, 2002
    in Italy call this mountain "Gran Pilastro", and from Italy I climbed it, after a nice sleeping at "rifugio Gran Pilastro" (Hochfeiler huette in german)very confortable. The climb...
  • Log #9615 - by Silvia, Sigi and Helmut on Sep 04, 2001
    Beautiful walk up to the hut along alpine flora. The peak was easy to climb and the scenery spectecular. As the weather forecast was a bit uncertain we walked up in 3 1/2 hours. But it cleared and we...
  • Log #9616 - by Marek Cerman on Oct 02, 2000
    summit by nord face
  • Log #9617 - by Olof Lindquist on Sep 23, 1999
    From the Hochfeiler hut by the ordinary route, the South-West ridge. The climb: easy, not too exciting. The summit: outstanding high alpine scenery, stunning view of the North face and East ridge....