Pizzo Badile

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Pizzo Badile Trip Report (#9770)

  • Signed By: Normunds
  • Date submitted: August 16, 2000

We - Kristaps Liepins and Normunds Lisovskis from Latvia - climbed Cassin Route on NE face of Badile. Good idea - if you want to complete route during a day - do not use hut. We put tent just in a base of north ridge (lack of water!). In the morning we had made already couple of pitches before another team from the hut get to the start of route. More benefits we got at the end of climb. We finished descent by North Ridge at the darkness, and were able to find our tent with headlights. It was extremely difficult due to sharp terrain, so I think it almost impossible to find way down to hut. Another team which finnished rappeling down almost together with us spend a cold night on route. Another warning - storm. We just finished route on wall, when storm came on. Rappeling down under hard rain and lightnings by relatively safe North ridge we saw massive water flows (falls) over NE face we just completed. Bad day for those who would stuck on Badile NE face during the storm... And finally - that was fantastic climb. We think about return on Badile to climb another route(-s).

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