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Featured photo of Condoriri

Condoriri is a beautiful and popular peak north of La Paz, Bolivia. It is a massif consisting of three peaks, suggestive of the head and two wings of a condor (hence the name). The main summit is on the "head" of the condor.

Access is via the small settlement of Estancia Tuni (dirt road) where burros can be hired, to a valley base camp at 4700m next to Laguna Chiar Kkota. The normal route climbs a large scree slope L of an icefall to reach a glacier plateau. From there a hidden snow/ice couloir (crux) leads to the summit ridge (very airy).

Nearby peaks include Pequeno Alpamayo (c. 5400m), a small but beautiful snow pyramid, and Cerro Ilusion (c. 5300m).

Elevation (feet): 18,530
Elevation (meters): 5,648
Continent: South America
Country: Bolivia
Range/Region: Bolivian Andes
Latitude: -16.168269
Longitude: -68.242693
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: La Paz
Convenient Center: La Paz

Thanks to David Metzler for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

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There are 12 trip reports for Condoriri.

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  • Log #21302 - by Daniel on June 05, 2008
    This is not a route of great difficulty but it demands a experience with the use of crampons and ice axes and with the exposure. It constitutes one of the most aesthetic lines of the Condoriri Group....
  • Log #10559 - by mike kendon and james lassetter on June 11, 2004
    A nice route, very straightforward. Good views from the ridge at the top. The ice face on the West? peak of Condoriri is very good too, but the descent is a bit loose.
  • Log #10560 - by Rick austin on Feb 05, 2004
    As on all climbs, the total experience of weather extremes, camaraderie, quiet times and hard work make the entire trip fantastic. The tendency on the non technical Normal Route is to move up the...
  • Log #10561 - by james reesse on Feb 05, 2004
    "Hi, I log in it but actually I haven't been there yet but I really intend to go.So I would be glad if any of you who had this great and unforgetable experience to give some information on the...
  • Log #10562 - by David Murray on Feb 05, 2004
    Despite a rather awful scree slog near the beginning of the climb, Condoriri is a very pleasant climb. It is mostly easy but has an ice couloir that gets rather steep at the top (this justifies the...
  • Log #10563 - by john l on Jan 30, 2004
    Je reconnais n'avoir dit que des mensonges sur les forum a la demande d'un concurent, mais comme il n'a pas payee le prix convenu je le denonce. En verite ce sont des pourris, ne les prenez pas pour...
  • Log #10564 - by fourure on July 24, 2003
    directissima of alla izquierda, cabeza del condor and peque3o alpamayo, solo with out any agence guide dunkies ...
  • Log #10565 - by Francois astier on June 25, 2003
    DO NOT TAKE THIS COMPANY !!! ANDES EXPEDICIONES Av. Camacho N 1377 Edif. Saenz Piso 3 fono: ( 591- 2 ) 2319655 - 2202983 Fax: ( 591 - 2 ) 2392344 P.O. Box 12287 La Paz - Bolivia www.
  • Log #10566 - by klaus altman on Feb 10, 2003
    Terrible experiences with the tour company EXPLORAMA on Calle Sagarnaga 237 La Paz - Bolivia. On January 25th, 2003 we engaged the tour company EXPLORAMA to guide us on a 4 days tour to Mount...
  • Log #10568 - by Luciano Zappelli on Dec 29, 2001
    We first climbed Pequeño Alpamayo in the same area, and then we succed in Condoriri. It was hard but great. We took Bolivian Journeys, the whole organization was amazing. Contact them boljour@ceibo.
  • Log #10569 - by ken mcarthey on Dec 28, 2001
    this peak was just great, it must one of the nicests peaks in the world. The ice conditions were excellent (neve or hard snow). We took Bolivian Journeys services for transportation and mules, Marco...
  • Log #10570 - by David Metzler on July 30, 1999
    Despite a rather awful scree slog near the beginning of the climb, Condoriri is a very pleasant climb. It is mostly easy but has an ice couloir that gets rather steep at the top (this justifies the...