Adi Kailash

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Adi Kailash (also known as "Chota" or "Baba" or Little Kailash) is located in the Kumaun Himalaya, close to both the Tibetan and Nepali borders of India in the restricted inner line area, and is revered due to its similarity to the famous holy mountain of Kailash (Kailash-Manassarovar fame) in nearby Tibet.

The altitude of the mountain is recorded differently by various sources, ranging from 5925 to 6191 meters.

Adi-Kailash is in many ways a replica of the better known Mount Kailash in Tibet, especially in appearance. Adi-Kailash, however is in Indian Territory close to the Indo-Tibetan border full of nature, peace and serenity. It is a very popular trekking destination (to the base of the mountain, called Jollingkong), and every year 10 to 20 batches of trekkers visit the area. Nearby lake called Parvati Tal catches the mesmerizing reflection of the peak. A trip to Adi Kailash base serves the dual purposes of adventure and pilgrimage.

It may be mentioned that There is some amount of confusion or ambiguity regarding the identity of Adi Kailash, even in international reference works such as Wikipedia. The Om Parvat mountain, with which Adi Kailash is often mistaken is a distinct entity, located near Nabidhang /Navidhang camp, along the Kailash- Manassarovar rout. Adi Kailash, on the other hand, lies in a different direction and is situated near the Jolingkong camp about 17 km from the Kutti village. Jolingkong, in fact, is at the base of Adi Kailash mountain


Indian Mountaineering Federation:

Elevation (feet): 20,312
Elevation (meters): 6,191
Continent: Asia
Country: India
Range/Region: Garhwal Himalaya
Latitude: 30.28529
Longitude: 80.651983
Year first climbed: 2004
First successful climber(s): An international team of climbers led by Andy Perkins and Martin Welch has made the first ascent of Adi (also known as Chota or Little) Kailash in the Kumaun Himalaya. Andy Perkins(UK), Tim Woodward (UK), Jason Hubert (Scotland), Paul Zuchowski (USA), Martin Welch (Scotland), Diarmid Hearns (Scotland), Jack Pearse (UK) and Amanda George (Scotland) made the first ascent of Adi Kailash by the SW ridge on the 8th October 2004. Reference:
Convenient Center: Darchula

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