Cerro Tunari

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Cerro Tunari Trip Report (#10928)

  • Signed By: Stanislav Wizcynski
  • Date submitted: October 27, 1999
  • Number of People Encountered:

Started off by foot from Quillacollo. It was a long walk before I reached the mountain. Next time I'll go with one of the lorries on the road towards the Cerro. Climbing the mountain though is great. I climbed it on the south side. Even though I'm an experienced climber I found the south wall a considerble challenge. I wouldn't recommend the south wall to any amateur climbers. I actually met amateur climbers on their way to the mountain on my way back to Quillacollo. I advised the not to climb on the south side but the north.

Climbing Tunari from the north side, you'd have to go by lorry or by other vehicle on a road running "behind" the mountain. The road will take you up to approx. 3000 meters. From there, the north side, you can climb and from there it's easier than from the south. But beware! It can be extremely difficult to actually find the summit when you choose this side. There are several smaller peaks you'd have to climb before reaching the actual Tunari peak.

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