Wetterhorn Peak

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Wetterhorn Peak Trip Report (#10974)

After climbing Uncompahgre we starting heading towards Wetterhorn Peak. It took us quite a while to hike over from Uncompahgre - we were getting a bit tired. It's definately a good idea to do Uncompahgre first! Although, Uncompahgre was my nephew's 1st 14er he's in great shape to continue on. We followed sort of a ramp that took us to the southeast ridge which had quite a bit of snow (and some cornices) on the east side. I'm glad we at least had the ice axes along. We got up on the

ridge and followed it on the western side and eventually got back on the eastern side near the notch area. After that we just climbed back over to the western side to climb up the class 3 section near the top. This was my nephew's 1st exposure to class 3 rock on a significant peak - he did fine! This final section is somewhat exposed but the climbing was fun and straightforward. We made it to the top at about 4:30pm. We were quite exhausted when we got back to the trailhead (after packing up camp)at about 6:45 pm. You have to be in good shape to do these 2 peaks (Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn) in one day, especially if you're flatlanders like us!

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