Pico de Orizaba

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Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1139)

Easy trip from Mexico City by bus through Puebla to Tlachichuca. Stayed first night in Puebla at Hotel Colonial. Highly recommended (3 person room $480 pesos). Used Senor Felippe Lopez for ride up to Piedre Grande, much less expensive than Senor Reyes at around $300 pesos for all three with tip. Someone seems to have removed the hot tub at the hut, all wee could find was a dirty puddle by the front door ;-( The rat trap was still there with a blood stain on it (as were the rats and mice). The open air biffy was a great idea at one time, but now has to be seen (and smelled) to be believed. Weather was good on summit day. 7 hours from hut to top straight up the glacier. One of our party turned back at 15,000 with AMS. Two of us soloed the glacier to rim of crater. Good cramponing with crust of ice over well consolidated snow. 15 deg F with 30 knot wind kept us moving. I was the only one with any energy left for the traverse to the summit. The crosses I had seen in old pictures are now nothing but twisted, rusty junk. 40 minutes on top great views to pope and izta. Popo smoking slighty. Great pyramid shadow of orizaba at dawn. Started down at 9am. Still cold so downclimbed the whole thing, ugh. Back to hut by 1 pm. Great trip. Probably could have acclimatized better. Day one 7,000 at Puebla, day two 14,000 at hut, day three hike to 16,300 sleep hut, day four summit.

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