Pico de Orizaba

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Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1130)

After a successful acclimatization trip up Izta Jan.31 we bussed to Tlacichuca from Ameca and arrived at Sr. Cancholas' home in the early afternoon. We packed, his lovely wife made us lunch and he drove us up to Piedre Grande that afternoon. We then prepared for the summit attempt that nightand at 3AM we were choking down some oatmeal.Our route was the "tourist route" , straight up the gully to the glacier and from there straight to the summit. It was perfectly clear but the wind on the glacier war constantly threatening to pick us up and carry us away to Veracruz. The climbing was not technical but the exposure was significant. The snow was like styrofoam so we opted for crampons and axes but no rope as did all the other parties that day.Some people even elected to use ski poles but I would NOT recomend it. It's a long slide down. Geoff and Riley summited first followed by Ben ,who picked a bit harder and windier line, and then by Gail and myself about 45 min. later. The views to Popo and La Malinche were fantastic and the summit was warm and you could get out of the wind. AMS didn't cause any problems except for Ben, who forgot to drink. Remember to hydrate! This was our millenium family trip and we will never forget the experience. Joaquin picked us up at the hut that afternoon and we showered and ate a great meal at his house and had the privelige of meeting his friend and famous Mexican climber Hector Ponce de Leon. We spent a cool night and headed to Oaxaca and Zipolite the next morning. Climbers were myself,Gail,Ben(18),Riley(16) and Geoff Ruttan (see Ixta log)

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