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Lenzspitze Trip Report (#11941)

  • Signed By: Ola Sandstig
  • Date submitted: December 30, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 29 june 2003

NE-face looked steep and frightening, but got more human the closer we got. Conditions ok, but wach out for falling stones at the right part of the face (2003 was a hot summer). A guide got his gps smashed to bits by a fallig rock as he had it in the top pocket of his rucksack. The bergschrund easiest to the right, left steeper but could be ok if you use one or two icescrews. Check it out! Then you wont be bothered by falling rocks on the face. The face: all 3 parties used protection. We hade only three icescreews. Bad idea. Bring six and go for running belays at the two third top of the face, Shared a pair of technical iceaxes and used our mountaineeringsaxes. Worked allright, but i would prefer all technical axes, like the other two parties used. Ridge to Nadelhorn not to difficult, but quite long timeconsuming. Easy downclimbing from Nadelhorn. In all a beatiful climb, the hut is superb!

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