Huron Peak

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Huron Peak Trip Report (#12142)

  • Signed By: Jeff Cramer
  • Date submitted: September 04, 2003

Jim and I started at the S. Winfield TH at 7:30 am. I had heard that the Colorado 14er initiative had rebuilt the standard route on Huron. We elected to summit Huron from the South West instead. Roach descripes this route as a Class II, but we found it to be more of a Class II+. The hike through the woods is nice, yet long. We both had the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere. It was nice to feel like you are away from civilization, even for only a short while. The view of the Three Apostles to the South is majestic. Jim and I summited at 11:30 and found 1 person and his dog. Since the weather was not looking favorable, we decided to take the Class 1 route to the North down. Roach still has this classified as a Class II route, but believe me it is not. This route was very well established by the 14er group and even had steps in many spots. This route is only 4.4 miles round trip and would be the ideal starter hike for the first time 14er climber.

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