Devils Tower

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Devils Tower Trip Report (#1617)

  • Signed By: Sydne Clark
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

I squint my eyes looking for another handhold. "Look with your head, not with your eyes." I can almost hear Frank telling me. I look higher and to the right and there it is. I dip my hand in my chalk bag and jam my hand in 'til I feel the bite at my knuckles. "My friend, the crack," I laugh to myself as I move up to a new hold. The edge is well within my vision but not yet my reach. Soon, however, I'm standing 867 feet above the rest of the world. Below me, miniature families crawl over the boulders and through the trees. The wind blows through my hair and pulls at my clothes with nothing else to divert its course. I turn around and even more of the landscape unfolds before me. Dark clouds accent the setting sun as I see rain begin to fall on the Buttes....

The descent, as you might have guessed, wasn't very dry. Though I can't say that it dampened anything but my spirits stayed at a height with the Tower. This just happened to be a dream that I realized only as I was fulfilling it. Each foot and handhold on the way up and the days I spent just learning how to climb with Frank and Gene were as much hard work and bliss as pulling myself over that last rock. My only regret is that as a local, I've had the Tower looming outside my window for 19 years and I hadn't answered its challenge until this summer. Thankfully, someone was watching out for me and sent Frank and Gene to my rescue who taught me so much more than just rock climbing. I can't thank those two enough for what they've given me and what they've taught me how to take. This summer is a memory that I will frequently revisit....the rock doves and lichen brightening my wintery, college days when I need them most....

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