Monte Dizgrazia

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Monte Dizgrazia Trip Report (#1783)

Five of us, in two groups, climbed the peak from the Ponti Hut. It was fantastic as the mountain felt very isolated and wild. My memories are a bit marred by my stupidity - I didn't drink enough and so felt really off during the latter part of the day. One word of warning: we bivvied outside the hut, which was just fine; but on our return to the site, we found that some goats had pissed and chewed their way through our stuff.

I think the route is graded PD+ because of the isolation. You climb moraines to the glacier, then go up this to a low-relief saddle about a quarter of a mile to the left of the main peak. The view from the saddle is awesome, particularly to the Berninas. The ridge to the summit is initially shaley and broken, but it soon becomes more solid and its a lovely scramble upto the summit. A route to be enjoyed.

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