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Haystack Trip Report (#12460)

  • Signed By: Lindsay
  • Date submitted: July 20, 2002

I climbed the Minor Dihedral with that very fine ropegun John Walker. He knows the route well and led every pitch--stringing some together since we had the 70 m rope (We did it in 8 pitches). He did a masterful job of leading, freeing some moves that had given him trouble on previous ascents. As for me, this was my first foray into the Winds, and as I cleaned the gear I marveled at the beauty of the nearby Cirque and watched the trees and lakes becoming farther and farther away...I just plugged along with my second's pack. The bugs were bad this time of year, and there were skeeters at the top of the mountain! After a slightly botched descent we broke camp and made for the Lander Bar. My tootsies were screamin but the beer was cold and hard-earned. The most incredible 36 hours I've had for quite a while...I'm still trying to process everything. What a magickal place. Om mani padme hum.

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