Mount Everest

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Mount Everest Trip Report (#2101)

I was finally able to summit Mount Everest via the South Col route this past spring. It had always been my hopes to attain the summit without using additional oxygen but with a family, my age and two failed attempts behind me from the North side, I made the decision to use O2 from 24,000 feet (camp 3)and above.

The South side is steeper then I expected it to be and I had an even greater respect for Tenzing/Hillary & Whittaker & Gombu as I made my way up the well used fixed lines on summit day. I have heard it said that," the only ones who say that the South Col Route isn't steep are people who have never been there". It is not a "dog route".

My climbing partner Jeff Justman was able to reach the summit about a half an hour before me with his two climbing Sherpas because thay were better at un-cliping and passing the slow folks. It was un-nerving to watch so many people step on the fixed rope with their crampons with 20-30 of us attached to it.

We had a great group of climbing Sherpas and THEY make ALL the difference when it comes to summits!

I am now enjoying guiding on smaller mountains at home and away. Everest is truly the adventure of a lifetime. It is worth taking a trip to Nepal or Tibet to see it, even if you never plan to climb it!

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