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Featured photo of Fuji-san

Fuji-san is the highest mountain in Japan. It is an isolated volcano, located only 50 miles southwest from Tokyo, which contributes to its popularity. Thousands of climbers, tourists, and religious pilgrims ascend to the summit each year. The mountain has traditionally been sacred to the Shinto religion, and has remained sacred to Buddhists as Buddhism has become Japan's predominant religion. Three temples (plus a weather observatory) have been erected on the summit. No record exists of the first ascent of Fuji-san, but oral tradition states that a Buddhist monk first climbed the mountain in the seventh century. The mountain is now dormant, but it has erupted eighteen times in recorded history, and many more times according to geological evidence. The last eruption occurred in 1708. Perhaps ironically for a sacred mountain, the foothills have been developed as a summer and winter sports area, and skiing on the mountain is popular in the Winter. The majority of people who climb the mountain, however, do so with respect for its sanctity, and quiet meditation is common on its summit. The official climbing season for Fuji-san is July and August, but many climb in surrounding months to avoid the crowds.

Elevation (feet): 12,389
Elevation (meters): 3,776
Continent: Asia
Country: Japan
Range/Region: Honshu
Latitude: 35.3667
Longitude: 138.733
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Volcanic status: Dormant
Year first climbed: 663
First successful climber(s): an anonymous monk
Nearest major airport: Tokyo, Japan
Convenient Center: Fuji, Japan

Trip Reports

NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

There are 43 trip reports for Fuji-san.

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  • Log #21952 - by Pinjata on Mar 05, 2010
    It was a night climb from the end of Subaru trail where I came with a bus form Kawaguchiko.
  • Log #21681 - by J. Vranjes on May 21, 2009
    I climbed Fuji-san in the beginning of climbing season (July-August), with unstable weather. It was a pure luck (or something more, see below) to have an almost full day without rain. I took a bus...
  • Log #19989 - by Pascal Rechatin on July 24, 2006
    We summitted with kikuchi San and Suzuki San at 7h30 am and were lucky enough to have excellent visibility and acceptable wind (60 km/h) which was not obvious after the rainy start we had in the...
  • Log #20114 - by Jonathan Kendon and Kate Taylor on June 05, 2006
    Started at 5th station at 11pm, rather early as arrived summit 3am. Had to wait 2hrs for sunrise. Amazing seeing such massive crowds, hot noodle stalls and beer vending machines up a mountain......
  • Log #18984 - by Bonet on Feb 14, 2006
    Great! Great each time! Since I was a kid, I knew that one day I would climb Fuji san. I don't know why. I don't believe that our future is written somewhere. But the fact is that I finally climbed.
  • Log #18923 - by Nancy Ferrell and Michael Yde on Oct 07, 2005
    We took the Fujimiya-guchi route, departing the fifth stage parking lot at 3:30 a.m. arriving at the true summit (not the "tourist" summit - we went to the one with the weather station and...
  • Log #2197 - by not to say on Nov 03, 2004
    It was quite an experence, I would say that is not the easyist maountain i have ever climed. not too hard very cold
  • Log #2205 - by Al Bowers on Nov 01, 2004
    I was a kid, and it was a foggy, rainy summit morning. I've heard Aconcagua described as "an interminable scree slope" and that pretty much sums up Fuji as well. I still have my "Fuji...
  • Log #2199 - by Dirk Stephan on Oct 17, 2004
    Leaving Tokio at 1600pm to Kawaguchiko. No Busses to fifth station, no taxis, due to road closed. Taxi to Subashiri 5th station. Very foggy, rainy and cold.
  • Log #2200 - by Bonnie Crystal on Oct 11, 2004
    Old Japanese proverb: Person who does not climb Mt. Fuji is a fool. Person who climbs Fuji twice is twice a fool. I climbed it 1.
  • Log #2201 - by Pascal on Aug 11, 2004
    I plan to be in Japan on octobre 20th, and wish to climb Fuji San with some local climber. Any one interested ?
  • Log #2202 - by faizan on July 16, 2004
    Al dear mountain lovers . i m Faizan and i live in Pakistan i have a plane to go to K2 in this month and most importent that i wish to hoist Pakistani flag on mountain Fuji plz if any body wana bcom...
  • Log #2203 - by Ladd Crooker on May 26, 2004
    Too many people on the Mountain (Kodak Mountain)
  • Log #2204 - by Bruce Lehnertz on May 14, 2004
    August, 2004 will be my second 'attempt' at Fuji. My first wasn't an attempt to climb it, only an attempt to see it. It was mid-May, 1986. We took a train into Gotemba from Tokyo, and looked for the...
  • Log #2206 - by Doug Hall on Jan 27, 2004
    First summited with my Navy buddies, then summited the second time in August 1968 with my sister-in-law (who also summited twice). She's probably one of the few gaijins who have gone ALL THE WAY from...
  • Log #2207 - by Jovan Simic on Oct 21, 2003
    Perfect time for climbing, even though they say that mountain is closed. The only open hut I found is Satogoya, which is about 20 minutes walk from the Kawaguchiko 5th station. The weather was...
  • Log #2208 - by Charles Ward on Oct 07, 2003
    I climed Mt Fuji with a pair of Muji FLIP FLOP (beach sandals) I bought in Nagano. My friend Inan and I climed from Fujiyoshida train station. We camped around station 5 non tourist side, saw the...
  • Log #2209 - by Frank on Sep 04, 2003
    The Ancient Road begins at Fujiyoshida and adds about 5000 feet to the climb through forest. The first four stations are along this route, long abandoned and fallen into disrepair. It's quiet,...
  • Log #2210 - by Steve Morgan on Aug 25, 2003
    Fuji-san is a great mountain to climb and well worth it if you make it to the summit in time for the sunrise. We started our climb at 8PM on the Gotemba trail and with a few rest stops and even fewer...
  • Log #2211 - by Geneva S Barnes on July 22, 2003
    Geneva was in Japan from 1958 to 1961 with her husband Senior Master Sergeant Paul A. Barnes. After the birth of two sons,in '58 & '60 Geneva decided she wanted to climb Fuji-san before returning...
  • Log #2212 - by John Szewczyk on July 21, 2003
    My 16 year old son and I reached the Summit at around 2:00 A.M. It rained hard the entire climb and it was very cold, wet and windy at the Summit as the huts did not open until 4:00 A.M. (Would time...
  • Log #2213 - by Shaun Van Dyke on July 07, 2003
    Don't take this mountain lightly. Comparatively you are going from sea level to over 12,000 ft. which even on a fourteener you are starting at a few thousand feet or more depending. Bring a wind...
  • Log #2214 - by Glynn Spencer on Apr 07, 2003
    Stop to get your "Fuji-stick" stamped at every little hut. It'll cost you, but it's nice to have.
  • Log #2215 - by Marcesss stentidomniyapopey on Mar 16, 2003
    take only what you need and a little bit more
  • Log #2216 - by Steve Hufford on Feb 01, 2003
    Met my friend Jim Lundgren and his daughter Ashley from Moscow, Idaho to hike up Fuji. We arrived at the mountain about 7pm on Saturday, August 25th after four hours in trains/bus from Tokyo. After...
  • Log #2217 - by Arturo Delgado on Jan 14, 2003
    I agreed with everyone, I know is dangerous to do Fuji-san in the middle of the winter, but here you go: ( Luca, Scott thanks for your advice) We arrived by car on Friday morning to Nakano-jaya...
  • Log #2218 - by David Beatty on Dec 20, 2002
    My climb took place 30 years ago, in 1972, so a lot of detail has long since been forgotten. But I do know that the highlight of my one and only visit to Japan was my climb of Mt. Fuji. I was in the...
  • Log #2219 - by Scott Parazynski on Nov 22, 2002
    I was just visiting Japan on a business trip and decided to try an early winter climb of Fuji. The Kawaguchi approach was the only route open up to the 5th station (north side) at this time of year,...
  • Log #2220 - by Erin Girardi on Nov 21, 2002
    most beautiful place ever.......so far
  • Log #2221 - by Jack Girardi on Nov 21, 2002
  • Log #2222 - by Chip Breighner on Sep 14, 2002
    This was an easy climb for me. Fuji has stations along the way with 'hootches' where you could sleep or buy food. This was the first time for me to walk among the clouds. My mother Doris Breighner...
  • Log #2223 - by Kevin Shiller on Sep 03, 2002
    If you are going to be in Japan for the months of July and August, make plans to climb Mt. Fuji. It is worth every minute. Pack your supplies (Waterproof jacket, pants, gloves, and shoes) prior to...
  • Log #2224 - by Oscar Mangini on June 18, 2002
    My brother and I went to Japan for the World Cup this year, and wanted to summit Fuji, even though technically 'out of season'. Long story short, got to Kawaguchi-ko fifth station (the starting point...
  • Log #2226 - by Tomohisa Shimmachi on Oct 23, 2001
    I climbed it with my bicycle!!!
  • Log #2227 - by carsten on Sep 07, 2001
    I`ve been there in the middle of the wintertime by myself on the roof of japan.see the story on my homepage It was great and very tough trek .temp. between +3°C and -17° on the top. Thanks and cu...
  • Log #2228 - by Dutkœ Andrós on Aug 30, 2001
    I climbed along the Yoshida-guchi Route. I have started from Fuji-Yoshida at 9.00 am and reached the Kengamine peak at 0.45 am. The lower parts of the volcano (until 2300 metres) are covered by...
  • Log #2229 - by Paul DIllon on Aug 27, 2001
    Follow the old saying climb once, don't climb twice
  • Log #2230 - by john nystrom on Aug 10, 2001
    A beautiful view from the top, but gets rather crowded in summer. I chose not to use the mountain hut accommodation, and consequently had to wait out a very cold wet night near the summit until dawn....
  • Log #2231 - by Guillermo "David" Navarro on Aug 09, 2001
    We (Mr Baek, Gabriel, Athena, Tomo and I) started on the 5th level around 1:30pm on Saturday the 14th of July and we had great weather (around 20C) and move quickly to our Fuji San Hotel. The place...
  • Log #2233 - by Lucy on May 30, 2001
    Mt. Fuji, is in Japan. That's all I know about it. I am looking at your web stie and I am learining very much, Sincerely yours, Lucy
  • Log #2234 - by Chris on Apr 19, 2001
    I would just like to thank this website for it's well apreciated information. It has helped me extremely with a current geography project. Well thanx again, Chow, Chris
  • Log #2235 - by Yoshitaka Tanimura on Apr 15, 2001
    If you like to see how the trails of Mt. fuji look like, you can check out my home page: http://fuji.ims.ac.jp/tanimura/mountains/Fuji/default.htm
  • Log #2236 - by Michael M on Apr 12, 2001
    First a thanks to Michael, Miles and Luca who promptly responded to my questions about climbing Fuji. Climbers rule. From a distance, Fuji must beone of the most beautiful mountains in the world....