Mount Wilhelm

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Mount Wilhelm Trip Report (#13909)

  • Signed By: Michael Earley
  • Date submitted: April 27, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 1989, 1991

The first time I climbed it was with a group that kept stopping every half an hour or so to rest, because they were working themselves too hard. I ended up getting altitude sickness because (I think) of the constant stopping and starting, and wasn't able to continue past about 13,500 feet. I almost passed out.

Second time was with another large group, but this time I took it steady and easy and basically didn't stop walking until the plaque marker for the missing people where I changed my socks, then continued to the summit. No problems this time at all.

I spent 30 minutes there at the summit, watching the sun rise and being able to see out to Karkar. I left the summit to come back down just as the others arrived. The walk back down was amazing. The sky was perfectly clear, and it got so hot with the sun shining that I had to strip off a few layers, ending up with just my undershirt and flannelette shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

I remember a little outcropping near the airplane wreck that overlooks the upper lake. I picked up a rock and thought I'd be able to get it into the lake, it looked so close. I watched the rock go out, then down, down, down, down, I reckon I missed the lake by about a kilometre! Talk about optical illusions!

Recommendations: take one set of clothes, extra underwear though, at least four or five pairs of socks that will stay relatively dry when your feet sweat, and if you're like me and are determined to carry your own pack, don't bother with a mattress - just sleep in a sleeping bag on a hard floor for a few days to get used to it first, and use your towel as a pillow. Some people I went with actually had two packs - a light one for them and a bulging one for the carrier, who they paid K50 for the effort to carry it up and back from Keglsugl to the base camp!

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