Vinson Massif

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Vinson Massif Trip Report (#13929)

  • Signed By: Yury Konev
  • Date submitted: September 07, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 8/28/04, 9/5/04, 9/6/04 (hiked) drove up twice

Hiked up the mountain 3 times within about a one week timeframe.

8/28/04 -- Started at Pinkham Notch; went up the Huntington Ravine Trail, which is a nice little scramble up the headwall, but not too difficult... finished off the summit on the Nelson Crag Trail; went down the Tuckerman Ravine Trail.

9/5/04 -- Started at the Rt. 2 trailhead parking lot on the north side of the Presidentials; hiked up the Valley Way to Watson Path summiting Madison; went down to the Madison Spring Hut and went over to the Gulfside Trail; then, summited Adams, Jefferson, and Clay in successuon on the way to Washington.

9/6/04 -- Parked by Saco Lake next to Crawford Notch parking lot; hiked the Jackson-Webster Trail to the Jackson cutoff to Mt. Jackson; then proceeded up Crawford Path past Mizpah Hut along the ridge to Mts. Pierce, Eisenhower, Monroe (several false summits), and on to Washington.

Have, also, twice driven up a while back.

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