Scafell Trip Report (#14028)

  • Signed By: Andrew Small
  • Date submitted: November 28, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 17th Nov 2001

I climbed with me friends Nick And Helen. It my second summit, Snowdon being the first and Nick's first, Helen being a old hand around the world but never in the UK.

We climbed from Wadale Head via Hollow Stones, it look us about 3 hours to the top. There was a fair amount of huffing and puffing but freezing though the summit was, it was well worth the effort.

We descended via the corridor route and were rewarded with rugged and stunning vistas. Suddenly as we rounded a shoulder on the rocks above Skew Gill, Nick got vertigo and took off down into the gully taking us off the path. Lady Luck followed and after checking the map, followed by some head scratching the jagged rocks gave way to the huge valley leading down to Wasdale. We completely bypassed the traverse along Great Gable which suited us just fine as the light was failing, as were my legs which started doing Charlie Chaplin impressions.

As I'm sure you will all recognise the best bit was still to 4.15 we were all thrilling ourselves and boring everyone else with yarns about, and as long as the walk, in the Wasdale Head Inn over a pint of Cumberland Ale.

Up and down in 6 hrs. The barman told me the fell runners reach the summit in 57 mins!

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