Tepuy Roraima

Tepuy Roraima Trip Report (#14094)

  • Signed By: Nimrod Gornstein
  • Date submitted: August 30, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 24-29/7/04

We climbed the mountain in the rainy season. to tell you the truth on the way up it was hardly raining and the weather was in excellent conditions. but when we had reached the top, the weather on the top was very different. at the top it's very cold, and for the whole day we've been there, we hadn't seen the sun for one moment. I think that happened randomly and we just had bad luck. it's important to take with you warm clothes, and a few of them, because we didn't take alot of clothes and all of them got wet in the rain that hadn't stop for a moment. take good mountain shoes, and a good guide, (ask to read the recommendetions), and have a great trip. it's hard, but not that hard... it's possible for almost everyone i belive. my age is 15 and i had climbed with my dad that is 53 so if we did it - anyone can. have fun and if you have any questions to ask, send an e-mail, we'll be happy to respond.


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