Tepuy Roraima

Tepuy Roraima Trip Report (#14097)

  • Signed By: Pete Pande
  • Date submitted: May 02, 2004

This was a terrific experience, inspired and organized by my brother-in-law, Douglas Parra. It's a pretty long hike in from Paraitepuy, though not hard. But the final ascent is pretty daunting -- wet and jungly and steep. Especially "inspiring" is the well-named Paso de Lagrimas. We had pretty good weather. Some rain, but sun as well. The top is a unique place with incredible rock formations, plants, lots of beautiful pink to peach colored sand, and (fortunately) cavelike camp sites that stay dry even when it does rain. Visiting the "Punto Triple" -- where the borders of Vzla, Brasil and Guyana (or, as it's known in Venezuela "Zona en ReclamaciĆ³n") intersect is a treat. (Our first visit to Brazil!). I'd go back, but might plan a little more time to allow a little more leisurely hike in and out. There are some very interesting jungle areas on the trail in, but we did not have time to see much of that (thought I saw some parrots and was told by our guide that we heard toucans, which would have been fun to look for.) The Gran Sabana is an impressive place as well -- a beautiful surrounding for the mountain.

Thanks for Douglas, our companion ToƱito, and our guide Hildemaro for a great trip!

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