Tepuy Roraima

Tepuy Roraima Trip Report (#14115)

Fantastic trip with beautiful changing scenery every few hours.Physically hard if your pack is too big so travel light! Tip for crossing rivers - wet socks act like limpets. The last stretch before the summit (after the rain forrest) looks scary but is not dangerous - we met a few people on the way who turned back at this point. Keep on going as you'll feel like you're on the moon about 1 hour later. We were on the top on our own for a night (except our guide) and it was incredible. Don't book until you get to St Elena or other nearby towns as the price is a fraction (ie 20%)of the organised tours from the UK which are a rip off and unnecessary as it is a straight forward trek. Cover up as we were bitten badly particularly near the rivers so be careful when bathing.

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