Pikes Peak

Elevation (feet): 14,109
Elevation (meters): 4,300
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Front Range
State: Colorado
Latitude: 38.8406
Longitude: -105.044
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1820
First successful climber(s): Major Stephen Long's party
Nearest major airport: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Convenient Center: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pikes Peak is an isolated peak on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, located in Central Colorado. It forms a massive backdrop behind Colorado Springs as one travels west off the eastern plains.

Pikes Peak and Mount Evans are the only two Colorado fourteeners with roads winding to their summits. The Pikes Peak Toll Road was completed in 1916, and today is the site of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, a motorized vehicle race held annually in July. One can also reach the summit on a Cog Railway that has been operating since 1891. In 1893, Katherine Lee Bates composed the lyrics to "America the Beautiful" after returning from the summit of Pikes Peak.

The summit today is crowded with tourists, but excellent hiking routes exist that avoid the road and railway. The most popular trail is the Barr Trail.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #22366 - by raxnurmi on Dec 11, 2012
    both climbs I did as part of the annual PPM (Pikes-Peak-Marathon, up and down - 42K/26m). In 2007 I finished in 6h:53':21".
  • Log #22333 - by cantioviatorum on Aug 03, 2012
    Saturday Barr Trail trailhead Manitou Springs 0700 to Barr Camp 1200N. Afternoon and overnight at Barr Camp. Sunday Barr Camp 0730 to summit 1357. Partly cloudy both days.
  • Log #22249 - by jhat111 on Oct 11, 2011
    drove up 3 times...not much hiking to do..pretty views of continental divide
  • Log #21953 - by LtCol on Mar 06, 2010
    Not difficult, but wife found exercise at this altitude difficult
  • Log #21464 - by Sara on Oct 06, 2008
    It was AWESOME!
  • Log #20774 - by CC Brody and Dave Palm on May 09, 2007
    26 miles round trip climb! This season proved to have significant snowfall up to May. On the morning of the summit attempt, all the snow had glaciated overnight. The entire climb up the east face...
  • Log #19923 - by Alyse Zadalis on Nov 14, 2006
    I climbed this one with my buddy Sara Weimar...we decided the night before that it was necessary to climb a 14er...left at 5am, it took 10 hours +/- to get to the top. Overall it was pretty easy,...
  • Log #19438 - by Patrick L. Lilly on Sep 27, 2006
    Did a night climb from the Crags CG trailhead on the west side. Arrived at the summit about an hour after sunrise. Summit was very windy and, therefore, cold! About 5.5 hours up, 3.
  • Log #14151 - by Verdon Walker III on Oct 01, 2004
    I love this mountian I would do it again in a heart beat. The people in the area are very nice. The race is great if you ever get the chance do Pikes Peak Ascent I did it in 2003 completing it in...
  • Log #14153 - by Jeff Quint on Sep 23, 2004
    I reached the summit by way of participating in the Pikes Peak Marathon. The view of the athletes making their way to the top looks like a death march. I spent about 2-3 minutes at the summit...
  • Log #14154 - by Marc A Manzano on Sep 06, 2004
    September 2nd 2004 was my second time climbing Pikes Peak. I climbed it last year on September 10th. It was a cold and rainy day last year with a temperature of five below zero on the top according...
  • Log #14156 - by Ryan Romanowski on Aug 25, 2004
    Fairly easy hike...McKinley was definetly my most challenging yet. Pike's had nice scenery, but i would recommend it for amateurs.
  • Log #14157 - by Alyssa La Fortune on Aug 07, 2004
    Wonderful hike, six up, five 1/2 down. Sad thing is people who drove their vehicals to the top greeted us there. I much more enjoy the serinity of a quite summit. However is was an expirience of a...
  • Log #14159 - by Kara Diamond- Husmann on July 25, 2004
    Well we finally did it. My husband and I said we would leave pikes peak to the last one when we were old, but today I wanted to do somethig since yesterday wad a grey day in Denver. we left Denver at...
  • Log #14160 - by Logan Smith on July 22, 2004
    Easy climb. Very nice trail all the way to the top. I went with my Cross-Country team and we all made it except one who got very sick right in the beginning. I climbed to the top in two different...
  • Log #14161 - by Sean Nunn on July 17, 2004
    Climbed Pike's via the Barr Trail and took the Cog Railroad down (I know, pretty wimpy way back down). I was suprised how few people there were. Of course, lots of fat people buying T-shirts and...
  • Log #14162 - by Dick Robinson on July 11, 2004
    This was my tenth Colorado 14er, and first this year (I hope to do ten more this summer). I summited from the Crags on Friday, 12.5 miles and 4,100 feet of elevation gain. Aside from the section...
  • Log #14163 - by Christopher Dorry on July 08, 2004
    Barr Trail up and down same day w/ my brother Shawn Dorry. 6 hr 50 min up and 4 hour 15 min. down. 2 burgers and donuts is too much food to consume for the hike down!! I have also summited from the...
  • Log #14164 - by Danielle Christiano-Smith on July 04, 2004
    For some reason, hiking Pike's has been one of those "before-I-die" life goals for me. Being a flatlander, but having very little vacation time, decided to attempt a summit after minimal...
  • Log #14165 - by Mike Walker on June 30, 2004
    Great views, although snowstorm hit us above treeline. My First Peak (other than the smaller ones in Tennessee, Mt' Leconte and Clingman's Dome) I'm looking forward to my next Peak!!
  • Log #14166 - by Troy Bacon on June 27, 2004
    This is a great climb! The trails are marked very well. The Barr Camp is a fantastic place to rest and camp at prior to making the summit. Be sure to leave a donation at the cabin.
  • Log #14167 - by Chris B on June 20, 2004
    Every trip I have made has been round trip from top to bottom in 1 day. I highly recommend camping overnight at Barr Camp.
  • Log #14168 - by Karen on June 06, 2004
    Great day, hard work! ...but kinda makes you sick when you climb 7,400 feet in elevation, 13 miles in a day, and you get to the top only to find fat tourists eating hotdogs! ...dumb drivers:-)
  • Log #14173 - by Joan on Dec 22, 2003
    Wear waterproof boots! We got caught in a hailstorm above treeline and had to huddle under a big boulder until it stopped. Then we had to slog through 2" of it for the last 2 miles. Not fun!...
  • Log #14174 - by Joshua Stanley on Dec 18, 2003
    90 degrees at bottom- was complete white out just after timberline. Craziest thing I had ever seen! One of the most wonderful and memorable experiences of my life. I love Colorado and I love Pike's...
  • Log #14175 - by Peter Capra on Nov 13, 2003
    The route from Crags was a great alternative to the crowded Barr Trail. I was the only person on that side the whole day. The peak was crowded, even at 9am, with tourists. Strange to see so much...
  • Log #14177 - by Erich on Sep 22, 2003
    It took us 8 hours to get to the top and it snowed like 4 inches while we were up top. no one was expecting the snow, not even the weather report, so everything went fine and its all good.so give it...
  • Log #14178 - by Marc A Manzano on Sep 18, 2003
    I am 52 years old and wanted to do something challenging. Well I could not have picked a better challenge than Pikes Peak. I made it in seven hours after getting lost in the dark and climbing to the...
  • Log #14179 - by Marc A Manzano on Sep 17, 2003
    It was very challenging. I had never hiked at that high of altitude before. I had trouble breathing when close to the top. It was well worth the effort to make it to the summit.
  • Log #14180 - by Aaron on Sep 01, 2003
    This was my second time up the mountain. The first time was as a Boy Scout via the Barr Trail on a camping excursion in the mid 60s. My first fourteener, long before the term was invented! I agreed...
  • Log #14181 - by Ani Berberian on Aug 31, 2003
    This was my first fourteener, after only living in Colorado Springs for 6 months. I climbed it alone--something which I recommend, because it teaches you what you are made of. But I probably won't...
  • Log #14182 - by jjcate on Aug 29, 2003
    Pikes Peak Marathon. Summit in 3:28:21; back down in 1:57:32 for a total time of 5:25:53. 75th out of 801 runners. I surpassed my expectations by 30 minutes on each leg.
  • Log #14183 - by Darryl & Ashley Darnell on Aug 28, 2003
    My daughter and I drove up to the summit on the Pikes Peak Highway. What an experience! It was something that we will never forget.
  • Log #14184 - by Caleb Everhart (22) on Aug 08, 2003
    My older brother, uncle and I started up the peak on Barr trail at 4:30 am. It took us 3 hrs. to reach Barr Camp. Following our rest at camp, the air got to thin for us low landers and another 8 hrs...
  • Log #14185 - by Archie Hoffpauir on Aug 02, 2003
    Hiked up Barr Trail from the head of the old Manitou Incline, starting in the early afternoon, arriving at timberline just before dark. Spent a cold, wet night in a flimsy tent (six of us in two...
  • Log #14186 - by mark on July 19, 2003
    Had some trouble convincing my wife that driving up to the summitt wouldn't be that scary. I think we set a non-speed record ascending the switch-back roads, but made it without incident. It has been...
  • Log #14187 - by John Doryk on May 26, 2003
    Climbed Y couloir from bottomless pit on Saturday. Downclimbed, scrambled and glissaded from the highway(about 1 mile up the road from devil's playground). Basically went across Rumdoodle ridge and...
  • Log #14189 - by Charles Winterscheid on Mar 02, 2003
    Great climb and relatively easy. Next time, I'm going to do it from the Crags. I've got some climbing descriptions on my website @: http://www.ufoshow.com Check 'em out.
  • Log #14190 - by Heather Kircher on Jan 12, 2003
    The first time wasn't enough. Second time round, the world was falling apart while I was climbing a mountain. Climbing a mountain is a lot like life. God has called each of us to do amazing things,...
  • Log #14191 - by jules on Nov 30, 2002
    i never summited pikes peak but i hiked to the pancake rocks and the crags, and they were so cool..especially the pancake rocks..it was only about a 2.5 mile hike or so but i liked it.
  • Log #14193 - by Pam Jones on Oct 24, 2002
    My friend, Debra, and I hiked Barr Trail to the Summit. Our biggest fear was lightning. We knew we would make it even if it took all day! It was an absolutely beautiful, clear day almost all the way...