Elevation (feet): 12,054
Elevation (meters): 3,674
Continent: Europe
Country: Austria
Range/Region: Hohe Tauern
Latitude: 47.1
Longitude: 12.35
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1841
First successful climber(s): Forester Rohregger and party
Nearest major airport: Innsbruck or Salzburg, Austria
Convenient Center: Mitterstil

Grossvenediger is the third highest peak in Austria. It is the high peak in the center of a group of peaks on the long Hohe Tauern ridge, where it is surrounded by the largest glaciers in Austria. Its near neighbor Grossglockner (12,461 ft.) is Austria's highest peak. Additional text submitted by Paul Riordan: This is a huge snow dome, heavily glaciated on all sides. The route from the Neue Prager Hutte follows the Schlaten Kees (glacier) all the way to the very narrow but short summit snow arete. Total height gain from the starting point at Innerschloss is 2000 metres. It is a beautiful but exhausting climb.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #21865 - by Koen on Jan 24, 2010
    I climbed this mountain with my dad and brother (age 10) when i was 12 years old. We started from the Defreggerhaus.
  • Log #21749 - by Bart Offeringa on Aug 18, 2009
    We did the kleinvenediger, grossvenediger, rainerhorn, schwarzewand, hohezaun, hohesaderl, at one go!
  • Log #21371 - by Offeringa IB on Aug 09, 2008
    We did a climb called (Dach Gottes) 6 peaks in one go! Kleinvenediger,Grossvenediger,Hohes Aderl,Schwartze Wand and Hohe Zaun. All in one day. We did it with a Gide called Martin Rainer! We...
  • Log #18977 - by Peter on July 14, 2005
    We arrived in Austria to torrential rain, land slides had blocked some of the roads and we were feeling positively peeved at the prospect of having to abandon the climb. After a night of drowning...
  • Log #2710 - by Chris Huber on Aug 09, 2004
    Great view, perfect weather - but a lot of people. Go as early as possible.
  • Log #2711 - by Ulrich Lohmann on July 22, 2004
    The night before, we stayed at Neue Prager Hütte, and it snowed hard. The morning was beautiful, but it was difficult to find the way on the glacier. It took us more than 5 hours to reach the summit.
  • Log #2712 - by Christine Theodorovics on June 24, 2004
    Great tour on skis! Excellent weather - no clouds at all - great views - great descent first, then the snow became VERY wet.... :-)
  • Log #2713 - by Ryszard and Tomasz Wichary on Oct 31, 2003
    We climbed this peak from Defreggerhaus through narrow snow ridge just before the summit (attention here please!)
  • Log #2714 - by nico on Oct 30, 2003
    Climbed the mountain in one day starting from Defreggerhaus. Taxi to the Johannishutte at 4am. From there it is a 2 1/2 hour walk to Defreggerhaus. Then another 2 1/2 to the summit.
  • Log #2715 - by Daniel Heissenberger on Sep 06, 2002
    Started early in the morning with a venedigertaxi ride to the Johanniscottage (2.100m). Then about 2 hours to the Deffreggerhouse (2.950m) which is named after a famous lokal artist. The way from the...
  • Log #2716 - by Bart Baert on Oct 02, 2001
    My first encounter with a high mountain. The climb towards the top is quite easy, and everybody should be able to do it. We started from Defregger Haus at 5.30 am, and we stood at the summit at 8 am.
  • Log #2717 - by David Kape on June 05, 2001
    David Kape, Dino Pitaciu, Marco Muriondo, Vito Suri e Herbert Caposassi. Bella salita semplice e divertente con 10 cm di neve fresca ventata. Davvero speciale per gli sci-alpinisti.
  • Log #2718 - by Marloes Kraan on Nov 28, 2000
    The Grossvenediger is probably not the most difficult summit, but it is my first! Hopefully not the last! We (Stefan: the guide, Linda, Khalid, Wim and myself) went up in clouds, but once we were...
  • Log #2719 - by narci simion on Sep 21, 2000
    Fine weather early in the morning, amazing view of the nearby peaks of the Hohen Tauern, fog and clouds along the way back to the Defregger Hütte. Worthy and satisfying summit within reach of almost...
  • Log #2720 - by Piotr G. Mielus on July 24, 2000
    My first glacier tour. The summit was easy comparing to our survival adventure in Hohe Tauern ($100 spent in three weeks). Regards for Mr Kessler, Taxer, Schield and Wohlgemut! Ascent from Neue...
  • Log #2721 - by Juergen Wein on Sep 22, 1999
    The Grossvenediger is just the 5th highest peak of austria, after the Grossglockner, the Wildspitze, the Weisskugel and the Hoffmannsspitze. It is very easy. just al long walk in the snow. Great...
  • Log #2722 - by Christine + Martin ZUBER on Aug 23, 1999
    Went from the Pragerhütte on skis. Wouderful day, no cloud to be seen. Climed the peak (were not the only ones...) and had great snow to ski down.
  • Log #2724 - by Jeroen Caers on Apr 24, 1999
    For more information see URL
  • Log #2725 - by arnaud temme on Jan 28, 1999
    After a day's rest because of bad weather, we finally left the pragerhutte for the grossvenediger. When after a few hours we came above the clouds, we had a fabulous view. The sun was surrounded by a...