Mount Harvard

Mount Harvard Trip Report (#2778)

  • Signed By: Dave Cheedle
  • Date submitted: August 25, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 8/24/03

Saw a few marmots, and a lot of crickets, and ground squirrel type animals with lots of plants in their big fat cheeks. Had a great time, and camped the night before just below treeline. Stashed our fishing gear where the trail to Bear lake goes west, and continued to the summit, where the view was sooooo incredible. Hung out just a little bit, as we weren't sure what the weather was doing, and it was raining over by Mt. Yale, and Columbia...not too far away. Came back down, grabbed our poles, and went to Bear lake for a very brief try for some cutthroats, but after a big thunderboom, we were back on the trail, and down the mountain.....It was great fun, and something I won't forget!!! Highly recommended.

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