Mount Agassiz

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The easiest major peak in the Palisades. Easy climb from Bishop Pass. Excellent view from the summit of the Palisade Glacier and peaks.

Elevation (feet): 13,893
Elevation (meters): 4,235
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Sierra Nevada
State: California
Latitude: 37.1117
Longitude: -118.53
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1925
First successful climber(s): Norman Clyde
Convenient Center: Bishop

Thanks to Craig Peer for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #21335 - by Dave Titus on July 07, 2008
    Long, strenuous day hike. Very cool and comfortable in the am, hot on the return in the afternoon. The beginning of the ascent has much loose, unstable rock, but as you climb the talus becomes more...
  • Log #19052 - by Arthur FLYNN on Feb 14, 2006
    We approached the summit from the South (Dusey Basin). We followed a route on the SSW side of Agassiz. Be careful of loose rocks (VW size) 300' below summit rock -- we had one break lose causing a...
  • Log #14386 - by Jim Dowling on Sep 05, 2004
    Great view of Palisade Glacier
  • Log #14387 - by Bryan E Couch on July 15, 2002
    Made a solo climb form south lake after a late night of drinking with some locals at Maloys bar in Bishop. Took 13 hours total to climb, Outstanding summit, summited a day after Peter Croft. View...
  • Log #14388 - by Darshan Mayginnes on Aug 21, 2001
    From Bishop Pass. This gives great views in all directions, especilly into the Palisades Basin. Great energy on this summit.
  • Log #14389 - by Jason Richling on Mar 07, 2001
    Heavy snow - excellent ascent from Bishop Pass (class 2), off-route a bit (class 3/4) on descent. Fantastic climb, great view!
  • Log #14390 - by Craig Peer on June 16, 2000
    Climbed the ridge from Agassiz Col on the southeast side alone. Class 2. Excellent view from the summit!