Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus Trip Report (#14415)

I and my wife Elena - both geographers from Moscow State University - have decided to climb Elbrus from its nothern side (it's not so popular like southern, from Terskol and Azau). And, for our pleasure, we've wanted to reach the Elbrus region only in foot from Kislovodsk (appr. 100-120 km). In the middle of July 2004, the weather was really terrible, and we've going through the storms, clouds even before Elbrus. The bottom part of Elbrus' slopes mainly is the chaos of volcano's lava (the last Elbrus' eruption was only 3-5 thousand years ago). And, after combination of rocks and glacier's ends at the heights 3400-3800 - only icy, huge double Elbrus' cone was before us. Luckily for us, on July, 24 the weather improved to sunny, but very windy. We've made already one acclimatization ascent (to the 4300 m), but this day was quite difficult for us, and before the sunset I've almost blown away from our tent's place together with huge boulder :o) And, after we've spend the night at the hight of 4650, we made our way directly to Eastern summit... at 11 hours a.m. ;) (after the wind stopped). The weather was beautiful - until we've climbed the summit (5621 m) at 4 pm :o( And, in the clouds, we've understood very good that it's too late to have a rest there - so we've nearly run from the summit to the Elbrus' saddle. The southern slopes of Elbrus are quite lived-in and the path is noticeable in any point from 5300 to 4100 m. So, we've turn our attention to the landscape - in the tears of clouds all the summits of this Caucasus' part were fantastic in the light of sunset. Our thanks to Elbrus!!!

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