Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus Trip Report (#14462)

  • Signed By: Eamonn
  • Date submitted: July 01, 2003

The Irish party of Deego, Eamo, Mickey Joe, Diarmuid, Enda , Scabba and our guides Sasha, Max and Sergie summitted 1119 hours on 15/06/03, having left the Rocks c. 0600 hours. Conditions and visibility were excellent; complete with breathtaking views. The elation temporarily compensated for the altitude sickness and it is true to say that many suffered on the descent. My advice to would be sumitteers ? Ascend slowly, drop down; eat plentiful garlic cloves and know when to rest and party. Looking forward to Acongcagua 2005. I would rather be a tiger for a day again than a sheep for a hundred years.......

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