Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus Trip Report (#14492)

  • Signed By: Nick Swinhart of Montesano, WA, USA
  • Date submitted: December 15, 2001

My wife and I summited Elbrus in August on a 17.5 hour (roundtrip) summit day. We left from the Barrel Huts at approx 3:00 am. The weather was wonderful, no problems to speak of. (With the exception that the chair lifts broke when we went to move into the Barrel Camp, so we had to hoof it up from the gondola station. It would have been great to go from the Diesel Hut, to cut the summit day a bit, but our guides insisted on staying at the Barrels. We went through Pilgrim Tours, they seem to be a good company, we had no problems with them with the exception we felt they tended to push a bit hard the last couple days on the mountain. They wanted to do a 6 hour acclimatization hike the day before summit day. That was too much for us, we opted out halfway through the day so we wouldn't be too tired for summit day. We did fine in any case. Great mountain!

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