Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus Trip Report (#14510)

  • Signed By: Robert Wallis
  • Date submitted: October 10, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 31st August 2000

A fantastic experience! - Summiteers were; Guides Gia and Sasha with porter Peter (thanks for going back for those crampons Peter!);

TROGS (The Real Outdoor Group of Brunel University, UK)= Neil Maddock, Mark Appleton and myself (Robert Wallis);

also Chris (US) and Roger (from Very Yorkshire, UK).

Miles was also on the trip, but got so excited on summit day, decided to start throwing up all over the place and didn't start with us.

This was our second serious attempt at the summit, having been fought back the day before at over 5,000metres by the weather. We found the weather was good until midday, when it closed in - so we decided to set off early the next day, whatever the weather in the hopes that it would clear up for our last chance. So up we were at 1:00am, and set off from Garabashi huts at 2:00am in a snow cat which took us as far as the bottom of the Pastuchova rocks, to make sure we made it! It paid off! - we got to the saddle a couple of hours after dawn, and on the summit for 11:23am, to see a fantastic cloud inversion. Obligatory photo of my very cold BACKSIDE to go with my collection (see website -, and too soon we had to go down. Alas, we had to submerge ourselves in the cloud again on the way down, to meet a gutted Miles who had failed to get an extension on his visa to get another attempt. Never mind Miles - I'm sure you'll be back!

Thanks to EWP who we organised this through, and especially our guide Gia.

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